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seafood represents 16Percent from all protein consumed worldwide and this amount in the world of food basket is placed to stimulate, in accordance with the Organization of food and agriculture of the United Nations FAO. It is entirely possible that friendly aquaculture environment will be important to efforts to meet the health needs protein to a growing international population - expected to reach around 9 billion by 2050 - without depleting finite natural assets of the planet. Aquaculture companies are currently much helped produce seafood, access and preservation escalating costs along. But the production of seafood without depleting natural active layer and deterioration of the water environment is an enormous task. This challenge is significant area of ​​consumer image in the market designed throughout the European Union. In Britain, for example, store groupTesco identified the need for food Technical environmentally for the market of aquaculture in its goal to halve the environmental impact of their supply chain. Inside a declaration launched this year, Tesco noted that the trout raised in captivity, for example, offers a good source of healthy protein and Ω three-body fat. However, the additional shop "While aquaculture has great potential as a source of healthy protein, any growth must be done to ensure lasting environmental concerns are addressed. " As highlighted by examining Tesco, probably the most important problems dealing with aquaculture are significant quantities of wild Fermentation to fill seafood that could be raised on high seafood in captivity to provide essential proteins and natural oils. "It can identify important force on marine ecosystems and increase restrictions respectful environment of the aquaculture market.

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